Magic Mushrooms Of Kodaikanal

Magic mushrooms of Kodaikanal

Magic mushrooms are a variety of mushrooms which contain a mood altering substance that gives you a high, similar to a mild dose of LSD or acid. (LSD – Lysergic acid diethylamide). These magic mushrooms are more famous by the name “shrooms” and are gradually picking up a fetish for youngsters who are getting attracted to it as a source of recreational drug and a spiritual or divine trance state of mind.

There are roughly 200 species of mushroom that can be classified as “magic”. Other, less common names include Mushies, Boomers, Cubes or Caps. People consume it in many ways, preferably after drying it. It could be stirred into an omelet, or consumed directly by inserting them in bananas.

Magical Mushrooms

What’s magical about these magical shrooms?

The reason this variety of mushrooms are call magic shrooms is due to the presence of a naturally present chemical called psilocybin. It is a hallucinogen crystalline solid and produces similar effects to LSD. Its main effects are hallucinations and an altered state of consciousness that most people refer to as an enjoyable or divine state of mind. Effects appear within 20 minutes and can last about 6 hours. Best experienced  if not taken regularly (preferably once or twice a month) so that its effects can be enjoyed rather than switching over to it as a substitute to get high.

Where and when it is found?

The best place to get fresh shrooms in India is Kodaikanal, at a height of around 2,133 m from ocean level and covering a region of 21.45 sq. km . You can get a train or a bus from Goa to get there and once you’re there its extremely easy to score shrooms. Any taxi driver or local will assist you in procuring shrooms. If you look like a hippie  type, they may even offer it to you without you inquiring.

Mushroom are available ONLY during monsoons in Kodai, i.e. well after the start of the monsoons and before the end of winter. September to November is the best time to find big, fresh shrooms.

Hill station of India

Kodaikanal -The Only Abode of Shrooms In India

Well folks , if you are only thinking of  getting “high”, stick to the quarter that you buy from your local wine shop instead of investing your time and energy in making a trip to Kodaikanal .But if you’re ready to have a ‘spiritual high’, head to Kodai by all means! Kodaikanal is a standout amongst the most frequented slope resorts in India.

Locals from Kodaikanal say that traditionally it has been used by tribal people for medicinal purposes but now, in the last decade or so, it is being increasingly used for recreational purposes, especially by youngsters. There are a variety of mushrooms that grow in the wild in Kodaikanal, some of them are poisonous. So it may be that you are out in search of some divine shrooms and end up leaving the earth to the heavens. Or the hell. Whatever


Are Magic Shrooms healthy??

Well in a way , Yes !!

Shrooms , though  being a mild drug are enough  qualified to set you high on spirit and put your mood into merry going. You may find yourself laughing and giggling  and enjoying yourself in the best of therapeutic manner and that too without harming you in any way . Kind of cousin to our traditional ”BHAANG” you see. However when you look for a similar type of ecstasy by consuming alcohol you may be gambling with tendencies of violence and depression plus some similar side effects only to damage your health, that Mushrooms do not.

Many people find taking magic mushrooms to be a significant spiritual experience. And they are being studied as a tool for treating anxiety disorders. So they can be used in a healthy way.It is pretty rare to hear about any bad physical symptoms besides nausea from taking mushrooms. They are not hard on the body like other drugs

As our ancestors have said that too much of anything is dangerous, same applies to these magic shrooms as their use is linked to psychosis. Psychosis refers to losing contact with reality . However, no studies have been done till date  on the long-term effects of using magic mushrooms and no cases of deaths have been recorded due to over dosages of shrooms.

The Strange side of Magic Shrooms

Magic mushrooms are a class A drug, a drug that is like a mild version of LSD, that causes hallucinating effects commonly followed by flashbacks of life events , epic moments , troubling thoughts , happy ecstasies etc. A strange side effect of magic mushrooms: They destroy fear. In 2013, a study was conducted on a mice by giving dosages of  psilocybin. It was found that the animal became less likely to freeze up when they heard a noise and  they had even learned to associate with a painful electric shock.

People call it divine and cosmic

A study at John Hopkins University shows that test subjects had the most significant spiritual experience of their life after taking magic mushrooms. Some people who try shrooms on a regular basis say that  it has reduced their  sense of ‘I’ness and helped them to bring down their ego and look up to the world from a wider perspective.

cosmic energy

Well, people say that it’s the intention with which you consume these shrooms decide what you get in return. A clear and divine intention will take you on a spiritual ride , a ride in which there is nothing to loose, but definitely something to take away. Today, varieties of mushrooms are being used to treat patients suffering from chronic depression and the world is waking up to healing properties of varieties of psilocybin mushrooms.

“MAGIC SHROOMS” can put you into trouble!!

While this mushroom has been banned in many countries like  US, UK, Australia and Germany. Since its a Class A Drug , playing with them can put you behind the bars in some countries.On the contrary, it has been legalized in a few countries like Brazil, Russia, Spain, British Virgin Islands etc.

However, in India, the narcotics officials are confused. Magic mushroom contains psilocin which is banned in India, but we cannot arrest people who possess the mushroom because it has not been declared illegal.

So make a trip to Kodaikanal before the shrooms follow suit.

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